Product Care


Always read the label prior to washing

Bras should only be washed by hand in a warm wash using gentle detergents. Washing machines will bend the underwires and shorten the life span of the bra

Washing poweder should be dissolved first so that it doesn't get stuck in the binding and cause skin irritation. Do not use bleaching agents as the elastics will break down and destroy the garments.

Bras should be dried in the shade to avoid the sun perishing the elastic. Do not dry in a dryer or microwave as this shrinks the underwire channerling and causes the underwire to pop out. It also breaks down the elastic of the bra.

Do not iron as it will melt the elastic in the bra dramatically shortening the life span of the bra.


Underwear should be washed regularly for hygiene and comfort. Always read the care label Hand washing in warm water using a delicate detergent will prolong the life of the garment.

As with bras, it is recommended you dry your briefs in the shade and do not use a dryer as the briefs will not last as long.